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Conference Paper: Tanenbaum, J. & Bizzocchi, J. (2009) Rock Band

Title: Rock Band: A case study in the design of embodied interface experience Authors: Joshua Tanenbaum & Jim Bizzocchi Year: 2009 Additional: Paper presented at SIGGRAPH, New Orleans, LA, USA Available at: http://josh.thegeekmovement.com/Tanenbaum-Bizzocchi-SIGGRAPH09_prepub.pdf (prepub version) Abstract: There has been a … Continue reading

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Article: Eskelinen, M. (2001). The Gaming Situation

Title: The Gaming Situation Author: Markku Eskelinen Year: 2001 Additional: Game Studies 1 (1) Available at: http://www.gamestudies.org/0101/eskelinen/ Abstract: This article tries to pinpoint/locate the most crucial and elementary qualities that set games apart from narrative and drama. First issue of … Continue reading

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Article: Werning, S. (2007). Translating Narrative into Code

Title: Translating Narrative into Code – Thoughts on a Technology-Centric Model of Digital Games as Programmable Media Author: Stefan Werning Year: 2007 Additional: Eludamos 1 (1) Available at: http://www.eludamos.org/index.php/eludamos/article/view/vol1no1-6/11 Abstract: The current surge of game studies literature demands a scrutinizing … Continue reading

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