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Richard van MeursI am a games researcher that holds an MSc in Leisure Studies (Tilburg University) and an MA in Media & Performance Studies (Utrecht University). As part of my MA program I spent a semester abroad at the IT University of Copenhagen, taking courses from the Media, Technology and Games Master. I am now looking for a PhD position, preferably in the direction of game studies, as I am interested in why people play games, how they embed them in their daily life and how games influence us. My interests range further than pure gaming, however, as I am also interested in how new forms of communication influence the ways in which we interact with each other.

This site is the result of my own journey through all the research material that I encountered during my (games) research. Hopefully this will be a portal towards many of the interesting games research stuff that is out there on the web thereby providing aspiring future and current game researchers with some tools to help in their research.

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Richard van Meurs

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