Article: Elwork, A. & Gutkin, T. (1985) The Behavioral Sciences in the Computer Age

computers-in-human-behaviorTitle: The Behavioral Sciences in the Computer Age
Author: Amiram Elwork & Terry B. Gutkin
Year: 1985
Additional: Computers in Human Behavior 1 (1)
Available at: N/A

This article proposes that computers are likely to have a major impact on our society in general, and on psychology, psychiatry, sociology and related behavioral sciences in particular. It is argued that the continuing technological improvements being made on computers and their increasingly widespread use in society is likely to affect behavioral scientists in two ways. First, they themselves will become users of computers. Second, they will be called upon to evaluate and help control how computers impact human behavior. Ways of proactively shaping such future developments are discussed.

Do Computers Have the Potential to Impact Society Significantly?
– Current World Opinion
– The Available Data
– Summary
How Will Computerization Impact Society in General and the Behavioral Sciences in Particular?
– Computerization and Work
– Computerization and Education
– Conclusion
How can the Behavioral Sciences Meet the Challenges of Computerization?

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