Book: Huizinga, J. (1955) Homo Ludens

Homo LudensTitle: Homo Ludens: A study of the play element in culture
Authors: Johan Huizinga
Year: 1955 [1950]
Additional: Boston, MA: The Beacon Press
Available at: N/A

This books deals with play and the elements of play that are inherent in all parts of our culture.

I. Nature and Siginificance of Play as a Cultural Phenomenon
II. The Play Concept as Expressed in Language
III. Play and Context as Civilizing Functions
IV. Play and Law
V. Play and War
VI. Playing and Knowing
VII. Play and Poetry
VIII. The Elements of Mythopoiesis
IX. Play-Forms in Philosophy
X. Play-Forms in Art
XI. Western Civilization Sub Specie Ludi
XII. The Play-Element in Contemporary Civilization

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