Article: Juul, J. (2001). Games Telling Stories?

Game Studies LogoTitle: Games Telling Stories? A Brief Note on Games and Narratives.
Author: Jesper Juul
Year: 2001
Additional: Game Studies 1 (1), (also featured as book chapter in Raessens & Goldstein (2005). Handbook of Computer Game Studies)
Available at:

A differentiated comparison between narratives and games. First issue of Game Studies journal.

Telling Stories
-> Everything is Narrative/Everything can be presented as narratives
-> Ideal Stories/Back-Stories
-> Similarities
-> Is This It?
The Problem of Translation
-> Translating What?
-> From Movie to Game: Star Wars
-> From Game to Story
A Table of Narrative – Game Translations
Time, Game, and Narrative
-> Time in the Computer Game
The Player and the Game
A Final Argument: The Avant-Garde Fallacy

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