Article: Moore, C. (2011). Hats of Affect.

Game Studies LogoTitle: Hats of Affect: A Study of Affect, Achievement and Hats in Team Fortress 2.
Author: Christopher Moore
Year: 2011
Additional: Game Studies 11 (1)
Available at:

An iconic staple of the First-Person Shooter genre, Team Fortress 2 , is popular for its chaotic action, distinguished by its painterly aesthetics, and made unique by the introduction of hats as rewards for its players. This study investigates the intersection of virtual millinery items, player achievements, user generated content and the implications for online gamer personas as they are connected to the digital distribution platform, Steam. The article examines the iterations of affect involved in the design and play of a game no longer imagined by its publisher, the Valve Corporation, as a distinct commodity but rather a commercial community service.

A (Brief) History of Team Fortress
The Affective Tone of Team Fortress 2
Achievements of Steam
Hats, Flaneurs and Gamer Personas

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