Article: Babic, E. (2007). On the Liberation of Space in Computer Games

Title: On the Liberation of Space in Computer Games
Author: Edvin Babic
Year: 2007
Additional: Eludamos 1 (1)
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This article describes the evolution of space in computer games from self-contained spaces to more processual concepts. While in the early age of computer games the design of space primarily caused specific interpretations and acts (invasion or defence of space – as a matter of opinion), the latter concepts become more and more indefinite: Former hard-fought dungeons and space stations resolve into landscapes open for relational perspectives. Insofar as the design of space loses its impact on the perceptions and actions of the players, acts of social communication and not warfare reduce uncertainty. The thesis is that this process gives rise to the formation of communities and the unpredictable configuration of space.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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