Book Chapter: Garfield, R. (2006) The Design Evolution of Magic: The Gathering

Title: The Design Evolution of Magic: The Gathering
Author: Richard Garfield
Year: 2006
Additional: in: K. Salen & E. Zimmerman (2006). The Game Design Reader, p.538-555. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press (also featured in Fullerton et al. (2004). Game Design Workshop)
Available at: N/A

The Creation of Magic: The Gathering – Notes from the Designer (Written in 1993)
—> The Ancestry of Magic
—> The First Designs
—> From Alpha to Gamma
—> Striking the Balance
—> To Build a Better Deck
—> Words, Words, Words
—> The Magic Marketplace
—> Dominia and The Role of Roleplaying
Magic Design: A Decade Later (Written in 2003)
—> First and Foremost: A Game
—> Binding the Unbounded
—> Trading Card Games Are Not Board Games
—> The Pro Tour
—> Magic Online
—> The Next 10 Years

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