Article: Church, D. (1999) Formal Abstract Design Tools

Title: Formal Abstract Design Tools
Author: Doug Church
Year: 1999, July 16
Additional: Gamasutra (also featured in Salen & Zimmerman (2006). The Game Design Reader, p.366-380)
Available at:

How Do We Talk About Games
A Language Without Borders
Let’s Create a Design Vocabulary – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Tools Would be Useful – Where Do We Find Them?
Mario 64 Game Play
Great! But I’m Not Writing Mario 64. I Mean, It’s Already Been Written
Same Tools, Different Games
The Story Unfolds in Final Fantasy VIII
Same Game, Different Tool
Using Multiple Tools: Cooperation, Conflict, Confusion
Concrete Uses of Multiple Tool Use
Tool Based Analysis
Ahh, So What?

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